Sunday 14 August 2011

And we shopped and we shopped and we shopped some more!

This has been a VERY busy week. On Tuesday Aarahi took the boys for achievement day, I just tagged along because Auron and I were sick of being at home all day. Aarahi tried to teach them about the Armour of God, but the boys were more interested in actually making the Armour and using craft knives and chasing each other around the chapel with 'swords of the spirit'.

On Wednesday it was our turn to have my Nana to come stay with us. We had heeeeeeeeeaps of fun.We did lots of baking and nana taught me how to do some preserving and pickle making etc. We shopped like crazy and for hours on end each day that she was here. We ate out at least once a day and come Saturday we managed breakfast lunch and dinner out. We scored a few good deals, and all Aarahi had to say when I told him i spent lots of money was "it's about time you spent some money, especially on yourself" I think i have the BEST husband ever! Auron and I are very lucky.

I loved having Nana here, and it was hard to take her to the Airport this morning, but we will be home for a visit in 4 months or so!

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