Sunday 18 September 2011

It's a feet thing

Auron has a thing for feet and all things related to feet. We were at the library for music time and I turned around to see him sucking on some other kids foot. Luckily the other kid didn't care too much, he was busy picking his nose. He also loves his shoes in particular, sucking on them and then ripping his socks off and sucking his own toes. Bet he has toe jams too. Good for his immune system I guess.

Highlight of the week: SWIMMING! we took baby for his first swim and he loved it! He kept  wanting to drown himself, so spent a good about of time under the water. and splashing about. They had a cool umbrella water feature that sprays water which he really not so much as the water was cold.

We went to clean the chapel on saturday morning at 6am!!!!!!!!! I was actually really surprised at how many people showed up. The cleaning roster is split up into groups of families we are in group C and everyone from our group turned up. There were primary kids, youth, ysa, parents grandparents, it was really good. It used to be just one old man who did it every week by himself. lol hes a cleaning machine and still goes every week to make sure its done right.

Well thats it from our week

 Auron and his friend Royalty, this kid is amazing she knows all her articles of faith and sing by herself in sacrament as well as being super cute
 My "snack" burgar from a burgar place in the city ALMOST as good as burgarfuel. The regular burgars were the size of dinner plates!

This is how Auron wiggles his way out of his bouncer, hes too big to do up the buckle so we ofte
n find hes wiggled out to get his toys

 These are my cutie cutie cutie togs!

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