Friday 28 March 2014

A Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine

100 Days of Happiness - Day 21

This morning started early as we left home at 7:30 to drive an hour or so away to go on our adventure with Thomas himself. The train station is located out in the hills on not too far out of Melbourne. Once we left the freeway and started to wind out way through the hills the drive was really really beautiful. It was all misty and the road wound its way through wonderful forests of trees.

Once we arrived at the station we saw the train getting ready for all his passengers. Unfortunately Thomas was a bit sick and Percy pulled the train instead. Thomas did come out to visit though and was there to play his role in the pantomime that was put on for the kids. Auron was SO excited when he saw Thomas coming up the tracks. We hadn't told him where we were going so it was a big surprise for him. We went on a 20 mins steam train ride, pulled by Percy and Diesel.

The train ride was followed by the Bouncy Castle,and the petting farm where they animals were unbelievable friendly. We took Auron to the Thomas shop where he choose a special toy for his birthday. He spent a good deal of time playing with it on the wooden tracks they had set up. We finished the event with facepainting. Lili was not too impressed by the whole day at all, oh well you can't please everyone.

It was so special to do something fun like this as a family. I know Auron had an amazing time. The whole event is run by volunteers. They all get right into character and make it a real special day for everyone.

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