Wednesday 19 March 2014

To My Husband

100 Days of Happiness - Day 13

This morning I spent about an hour looking through our wedding photos. It seems like a life time ago now, it really wasn't though! I loved looking at the comments people had left. I laughed at how fat I thought I was back then....ahh my skinny days haha. Personally I think Aarahi looks better with a bit of meat on him, he begs to differ.

I thought about the person I was back then. The past year had been an intense year for our family following the death of our father. An event which had led all of us children back to church. I did not expect to be finding my sweet husband that year but divine intervention was at play. Aarahi came into my life at precisely the right moment. I knew from the moment that we saw each other that we were who God and prepared for each other. I remember how fast my heart was racing as walked up to his front door. I was there to see his little brother but I knew he was there as he had just moved in to town to live with some of his siblings. The rest is pretty much history, within a few weeks we would be engaged and planning a wedding.

I did not doubt for a moment my decision, and never have. The day we were married we still barely knew each other. But we knew where we stood on the important stuff and most of all we had included God in every step. We felt comfort and peace as we walked through the doors of the temple. The early days of our marriage were not easy, they were possibly some of the most trying times of my entire life. I struggled with horrible self esteem issues which consumed my thoughts almost constantly. My dear Aarahi show love, compassion and patience unlike none other. Out of our lowest lows came some of our highest highs.

I love my husband with everything I have. He has been the biggest blessing in my life. He is humble enough to accept my many short comings. He is a man who honors his role and husband and father and goes well beyond what is to be expected of him. You will rarely hear him speaking unkindly of anyone. His faith and beliefs are not just something for Sunday or when his around other church goers it is something he lives each and every day. I love the way he knows me better than I know myself.

I could never have imagined on my wedding day that it was possible to love some one more that I did on that day, yet each day my love for him continues to over flow. I truly am married to my best friend.

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