Monday 24 March 2014

Out with the Old and in with the New

100 Days of Happiness - Day 18

Today I forced myself to do another of my most hated jobs. I cleaned out all my clothes. It had come to the point where I was just stacking clothes on top of the drawers because there was no room in the drawers for them...and because I'm lazy. My husband has been telling me for the last few months I should clean them out each time I complained of not being able to find a particular item of clothing. His drawers on the other hand are pretty immaculate, organised and everything. I actually did it for him but he is MUCH better at keeping it that way than I am.

So this morning while the kids were busy playing in (destroying) the living room I tipped out every draw and went through every single item of clothing I own. I folded every thing up then went through deciding what was going on to a new life in someone else's closet, what was too horrible or stained to be saved and needed to go in the trash and which items were the lucky ones that got to stay. In the end I think I have only ended up with about half of what I started with.

I later rewarded my efforts with a bit of online shopping. Thanks to my clean out I actually knew what I needed to buy. I love online shopping. You get the excitement when you buy it then even more excitement when it arrives at the door. I never buy anything full price and true to form the clothes I bought were 70% off. Always love a bargain.

Although I hated the whole process of cleaning out my clothes the end product was a great moment of happiness. And the kids destroying the living room? it wasn't anything a quick vacuum couldn't fix.

Look the last time I sorted clothes was when Auron was just a baby!

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