Thursday 20 March 2014

A Date with a Almost 3 Year Old

100 Days of Happiness - Day 14

Everyday, multiple times a day, Auron asks if we can go to the park. Today I finally said yes. Oh ho

w excited was he! I have never seen him get ready so fast in my life, he was even trying to rush Lili by shoving her arms in her cardigan must to her dislike.

 We spent a good hour there before Lili was falling asleep on the swings. That was a good time for us to race off for the Mummy and Auron Date I had planned for us.

Once a month or so I try to take Auron out to do something special. Usually we go out and wait for Lili to be asleep and have a special lunch or ice cream then go look at toys. Today we had Subway and went to look for potential birthday presents. Auron loves the attention being completely devoted to him. I think it is important to make that time to get to know them better without anyone else around. It may not seem as important when they are so young but it does. If you put the time and effort in when they are young forming that strong relationship then it will be so much easier once they are older and you  are wanting and needing that relationship to be strong enough to weather the trials that will come.  I love our little dates, it was definitely the highlight of the day.

I think I get more out of these little dates that he does at the moment. I love seeing his cute little personality. It always amazes me that he is mine, I wonder how we could have created this gorgeous child who is so funny and just make me smile every day. He also make me want to pull my hair out most days too!

Talking about making me want to pull my hair out, yesterday he drew ALL OVER the wall in permanent marker. I tried everything, and I mean everything to try and get it off but nothing made a difference. I had concluded that we were going to have to paint the wall. Then I thought "what about hairspray?" Sprayed the hairspray all over it and it just disappeared before my eyes. No scrubbing required. Amazing. I must have heard that trick from somewhere because I am not naturally that creative.

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