Tuesday 18 March 2014

The Ordinary

100 Days of Happiness - Day 12

Nothing of spectacular note happened today. I cleaned the house, the kids messed up the house. We went for a walk to the shops to do a few errands and decided to pick up some treats from the bakery. Bad idea, everything we got was gross.

Aarahi came home from work and bought us treats, that was my happy moment for the day. I love it when he brings us home something special. He is pretty much the master of all things treats.

Lili also went down for her nap without me having to stand there telling her to lay down every 30secs. I think she was just really really really tired.

My cousin Sarah and her little boys skyped us today which was awesome. Living so far away from family is hard so I am thankful for modern technology that helps us all stay in touch easily. I am especially thankful that my children are still able to develop relationships with their family back home. Skype really is a life saver. It was so cute but sad at the same time when both the little boys kept wanting to go to each others house. Hopefully one day soon we will live closer to each other.

I can only imagine the mischief these 3 will be getting up to in the future. They are already trouble! 

Poor Lili is the only girl grand-baby on my side. She can hold her own pretty well though. 

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