Monday 10 March 2014

Chocolate Slice With a Touch of Nostalgia

100 Days of Happiness - Day 4?

Everyone has certain foods that just send them flying back to their childhood. For my husband it's his mums Afghan cookies. For the last week I have been longing for this chocolate slice my Mum would always make...she doesn't make it anymore for some reason? guess she has some new go-to recipes.
I should have just asked her for the recipe but instead I spent a few hours looking for it online. Apparently it's called Hedgehog slice. The perfect combination of crunch biscuits and sweet fudgey chocolate.
There were countless recipes but THIS one is the closest to my childhood memories.

Click the photo for link to recipe

My other moment of happiness was watching a movie and eating popcorn with my babies. The both wanted to have the baby blankets I made them even though it's way too hot for blankets...or clothes in Lili's case.

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