Sunday 16 March 2014

When Hard Work Pays Off

100 Days of Happiness - Day 10

 Mondays are closely followed by Fridays as my favourite days of the week. Monday means baking day. I will usually spend the whole morning doing the baking for the week. By the time I've finished I've licked enough bowls that I don't really want to eat any of the finished products. My husband loves Mondays because of bake day, I'm glad he is so easy to please! Today we made banana cakeblueberry muffins and snicker doodles (these weren't that great).

You know those times when you just feel like you are banging your head against the wall trying to instill in your children good character and good behavior? It seems like nothing at all is sinking in! Yep, well that is how I have been feeling lately. It takes so much effort and time and PATIENCE to not be a lazy parent and just let certain behaviors slide. I mean how many times am I going to have to tell Auron it is not ok to just snatch toys from his sister. Or teach Lili it is not ok to just rummage though the fridge at her leisure spilling yogurt and tinned peaches all over the floor?
Today I may have seen a glimpse of the hard work Aarahi and I have put in or it may just be that my kids are simply just "having a good day".


  •  Instead of telling Lili to "go away" Auron said "excuse me please Lili" 
  • After playing with water in the sink Auron and Lili both got towels and wiped up all the water that had splashed on the floor. 
  • Every time I asked Auron to do something he replied with "yes Mum" we have been working hard on this one. 
  • Lili did not tip the milk out of her cereal bowl once she had finished. AMAZING! 
  • When I said "no more cookies" there were no tantrums (this is more Lili's thing, she's a true girl and loves to be overly dramatic) 
Being a parent is HARD but it is the best kind of hard there is.

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