Friday 7 March 2014

100 Days of Happiness

Ok so I will jump on the band wagon as well and record my 100 days of happiness. I think it's great idea.

So today for my first day of happiness is a photo of my empty laundry baskets. I HATE laundry seriously. Often clothes will sit on the couch unfolded until they need to be used then they start the cycle again without ever becoming folded or put away. I usually put it off so long that I end up having to do a ridiculous amount of washing in one day. Or my lovely husband feels sorry for me...or has gotten tired of not being able to find his socks and folded the pile for me. This month I made the resolve to be better. Well to at least do a full load a day...wash, dry (dryers are not the norm here so we have to hang them out in the sunshine) bring the load in, fold it, and put it away. See doesn't that sound like a LONG drawn out process!

In other news Lili is sporting a horrible looking bump on her forehead. She tripped over outside. Actually been tripping over lots the last few days, I'm a little worried about that poor head of hers. I will probably take her to the Doctor next week. I know toddlers fall often but she seems to be whacking that head an awful lot this week. Maybe it's because she has no fear and will climb on everything and never does ANYTHING slow. 

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