Wednesday 26 March 2014

Do I Really Want to be Alone?

100 Days of Happiness - Day 19

Aarahi is still home sick from work today but, he will be back tomorrow. He was my hero today and folded all the washing...remember I hate folding washing.

We did the groceries this morning and then he and Auron went home and Lili and I stayed to shop for a present for Auron's birthday this weekend. We don't tend to do lots of presents for birthdays. Usually it is one or two little things. I think the money is much better spent on doing something fun together as a family that, that child would really enjoy. With that in mind on Saturday we will be heading out to ride the "real" life size Thomas the Tank Engine. They also have face painting, an animal nursery and other cool things included in the price. We will probably have Auron's favourite Subway for lunch that day.

Today I got the pleasure of doing a bit of shopping "alone" well kind of. Lili was asleep. Aarahi offered to take both the kids home after groceries but the idea of being totally ALONE did not appeal to me. I have never had an issue with being alone, shopping alone, eating alone etc but now that I have kids and have pretty much not ever been on my own for the last 3 years the thought of being alone now makes me really uncomfortable. So, I took Lili with me and she slept most of the time, I ate my lunch in peace, shopped in peace. It was a good compromise. When she woke up I let her help me pick some new boots for her. She looks adorable.

We caught the bus home. Lili had lost her lollipop which I noticed was stuck to her shoulder I quickly pulled it off to give back to her. All of the sudden she was screaming the place down, and I realised it had actually been stuck in her hair and she was now holding a hair covered lollipop. Poor kid.

My little Auron and Me the day after he was born. 

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