Friday 21 March 2014

Where Do I Start?!

100 Days of Happiness - Day 15

Oh where to start?! Aarahi went into work this morning for a few hours. When he arrived home we had a delicious breakfast of waffles, fresh strawberries and ice cream. I love lazy weekend mornings when we can have a leisurely family breakfast like that. Saturday is usually the only day Aarahi gets to have breakfast with us (and usually I'm still in bed, because he's awesome and got up to watch cartoons with the kids).

After breakfast we caught a train to the city. You know when you travel on public transport and there are crying, whining kids who wont sit on their chairs etc? yeah that wasn't us today. That's been us plenty of times but thankfully not today, they both just sat on the chair the entire ride with no complaints. Don't know how we managed to get so lucky.

For our day out we used a voucher to have two games of bowling. I wish I could have gotten some decent photos but it was so dark inside and the phone camera just wasn't up to the job. My poor Aarahi just wasn't on his game today. So much so that I almost beat him, and that is saying something. (secretly the highlight of my day). Lili was getting tired and grumpy so put her in the pram with her baby doll, no complaints, straight to sleep. This day is awesome.

Out to lunch, dumplings for me Mc Donalds for everyone else. Dumplings can always make my day. I'm sure they are full of MSG because I can't stop wanting more and more. Back on the train, and off home.

Awesome day, tiring day. Now to enjoy a relaxing evening watching a movie and eating popcorn.

I went to buy some clothes for Lili's baby and saw some PJ's just the same as Lili's for 80% off. I couldn't resist, too cute!

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