Thursday 13 March 2014

Food Coma's

100 Days of Happiness - Day 6 

Ok so we just got back from dinner. We feel extremely fat, and experience what can only be described as a "food coma" even the kids may have over exerted themselves. Auron had to go and "relieve" himself in the bathroom, took a good 20mins, takes after his father that one! While we were waiting for them Lili and watched everyone else food come out and I think we got off easy some of those dishes were enough to feed like 4 people!

My happy moments today? well this afternoon I put the kids down for their nap late so they would be asleep when Aarahi got home from work. When he got home we downloaded an episode of one of our favourite shows and watched it curled up on the couch with ZERO interruptions.

My other happy moment was watching my 1 and 2 year old eat their dinner tonight with the proper cutlery as opposed their fingers. Actually as I was mentioning it to Aarahi, Lili picked a handful of icecream with her hands but hey you can't have it all. They are a pleasure to take out, yes we often have to tell them to use their quiet voices but they aren't running around being crazy kids. They are polite and sit in their chairs and quietly (for the most part) just play with their toys.

Look at that crazy hair, I didn't get a chance to fix it from her nap...

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