Saturday 29 March 2014

Auron You're THREE!

100 Days of Happiness - Day 22

To My Auron,

Today is your 3rd birthday. What a wonderful gift you are too me. You are my first baby, you made me a mummy. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father chose me to to raise you. I am so proud of the amazing person you are growing into.

Auron I love you more than you will ever know. I love the way you care for Lili. I hope that as you grow that you will find comfort and strength in the special relationship you have. Thank you for protecting her like a brother should. It brings peace to me knowing that you love and adore her.

I love to listen to you pray. It's adorable. I love to hear you praying about all those special things in your life, which at the moment mainly include Spiderman and Ben 10 and Minions. My prayer is that you will continue to build a relationship with your Saviour and that prayer will become a source of strength and power for you as it is for me. I promise I will do all I can to help you to come to know your Father in Heaven and to know his gospel that you may learn his plan for you.

Sometimes it is hard for me to see you growing up. Part of me wants to keep you as that little baby I held 3 years go. That gorgeous baby with beautiful blue eyes and such kissable lips. I know that there is so much waiting for you to learn and discover. There are adventures for you to have and trials to face. I know that you will be amazing because you already are.

Now that you are talking lots it is hilarious to hear what is actually going on inside of the little head of yours. I think its funny seeing you go through you bedtime routine. Each night you "need" to take the white drink bottle (no other drink bottle is good enough) your bag from Nanny Teri, your gumboots and whatever your favourite toy of the day is to bed with you. I think the funniest part is taking your gumboots to bed.

Thank you for giving me the wonderful blessing of motherhood and bringing such joy to my life. Happy Birthday my baby Pukeko.

Love Mummy

My dear son Auron,
What a handsome charming little boy you are. Just like me heh heh.
I love your happy little smile, and your cheeky grin makes it hard to be annoyed with you when you're getting up to mischief (which is rather often). I know you will grow up to be a sweet and kind young man. You're already on your way with the help and hard work of your lovely mother. You can be such a good big brother too. . .sometimes.
Anyway, your Mother and I love you so very much.
Happy Birthday Auron,
Love, Dad

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