Wednesday 5 June 2013

Shoe's Shoe's Shoe's

Written 3 weeks ago...

Auron LOVES shoes. Every morning he wakes up and selects his shoes for the day and he doesn't take them off except for when he has his nap or goes to bed at night. He isn't as keen on his shoes as he is on mine. His favourites are my grey and pink Adidas ones. When we go out he is happy to take them off and let me wear them and put his own shoes on but as soon as we get back in the door (like while I am trying to unlock the door) he is already trying to get my shoes off my feet.
He's so cute I love him.
Lili is getting so close to crawling it wont be long now she is growing so fast. Aarahi and I are enjoying her baby-ness as much as we can as we know she will be our last baby for awhile, maybe forever so we are just loving on her yumminess. She is sleeping so much better usually only waking just before Aarahi get up for work at 330am then back to sleep til around 630am. I can usually convince her to stay asleep til 7am but then she becomes just too cute to ignore. I love waking up to her cheeky smile. I unzip her swaddle bag and she stretches out then she's off rolling all over the bed. We usually have an hour or so together before Auron wakes up. Auron is also his cutest in the morning. He runs into the lounge and jumps up on the couch for cuddles with a blankie. We usually  watch Sesame Street together then have breakfast. I love my mornings with the babies. I feel so blessed that I don't have to go out to work and that we can enjoy these quiet mornings together without having to rush out the door to get to daycare and work. I can't imagine working outside the home, I would hate it.
Yesterday we went to get Lili and Auron's portrait taken by Soldier's Road Portraits. They are from NZ and doing an Australian tour. They take portraits of people dressed up in traditional Maori dress. Auron was not cooperating so ended up just being Lili. After we left Aarahi was like "We should've got in the photo too" I didn't think it would be his thing as I had asked him when I booked and he said "nah" but after seeing it he thought it was pretty cool. Oh well next time.
We came home and as we were turning into our street Auron started crying and crying. He was upset that we were going home. I looked through our voucher book and found one for a kids playland not far from us. Auron loved it. We were there for four hours, but could have stayed longer. The best part was this huge slide that was almost vertical. The kids were going down with out a care in the world. Several parents went down and when they got off they said "I am never doing that again" I thought "seriously it can't be that bad" I went and had a turn and I assure you it was scary. You go so flipping fast. Aarahi and Auron went down over and over again.

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