Sunday 9 June 2013

The Zoo and a birthday date at the Immigration office

It was my birthday this week, it was great although I am feeling kind of old. 26 to be exact. It's been 8 years since I was in High School, I thought I was old then but now teenagers annoy me, well certain ones do. The ones on the train were definitely in need of a slap. We didn't do anything on my actual birthday. I made dinner and a cake. Aarahi looked after the kids while I cooked and baked in peace. It was bliss. I kind of missed my little kitchen side kick though so let him in to help chop some veges, a task he does well with little guidance.
Aarahi had to take the day before my birthday off so we could go into the city to the Immigration offices.  He was sick the night before too so a day off was nice. By the time we got to the immigration department and waited in the loooooong line of people wanting visas both the kids were asleep. Aarahi and i found ourselves sitting together in a waiting room with sleeping kids and nothing but time (our ticket said C34, they were only up to C20) So we sat and talked, and laughed, made plans, talked some more, we laughed at the lady who had see through pants/tights....was not attractive, her husband was with her, we wondered why he didn't say anything to her before they left the house. Finally after 2 hours or so, probably more we were finally seen. Our appointment only took 20mins if that.
We had skipped lunch, foolishly thinking we would just get something after our appointment. It was not close to 330pm and we were famished. We had some indian then got back on the tram to our car. We had hopes of having churros for dessert but the place was closed by the time we got there.
We made a trip to the Zoo whilst our car was getting serviced. Auron loved it, Lili slept for the most part. The elephants are always our favourite. By the time we had finished at the zoo our car still wasn't finished so we carried on to the city for an early dinner. I had a voucher for a restaurant close to the central train station which was convient, we were in no mood for walking around the city. We ordered too much food and had to take some home, we hadn't even touched one of our desserts.
Once we finally made it back to the Holden centre where or car was being fixed we went to drive home but......our car no longer went. Ironic right. The man came over like 3 times and each time he drove it it went fine. Aarahi thought he was going crazy or something. It finally did play up for the man, the mechanic came over and had a look and readjusted the new switch they had installed and all was well, its still going strong. Good little car. It ended up costing $670 but at least now its fixed. I was expecting it to cost more so that was a nice surprise.
Tomorrow is a public holiday, we have no plans.

He was obsessed with these random toilets at the zoo, think  they had something to do with pollution

Stuffing his face with pancakes and berries

Sticky date pudding we didnt even eat. We brought it home and had it later though

Cooking...Some kind of concoction with mustard powder and other assorted herbs from the pantry

First taste of cake

Lili during free time at Gymbaroo

Aurons favourite activity is the parachute and balloons 

Our weekly noodle date after Gymbaroo 

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