Sunday 16 June 2013

Museum and Ramen

What to do on a blustery winters day you ask? why not head to the museum! That is exactly what we did. On the weekends public transport is only $3 for the day (instead of $8), so we drove to the station near us and caught the train to the city. As we exited the lift from the station it had of course started to rain. Luckily the walk to the museum wasn't long. The museum is located on some beautiful parkland. It reminded me of the Auckland Domain, which is where the Auckland Museum is located. Fancy that. We ate our picnic lunch before we went in, it had stopped raining by this time. Auron fed the birds half of his bread roll, then when that was done tried to feed them glad wrap, they weren't the least bit impressed with that.
The museum was really neat. We hadn't really been there before. We went once when Auron was a week old or so. Aarahi hadn't been feeling well so went home and left mum and I there with Auron. Then we realised we had the house and car keys so we had to go home too otherwise poor sick Aarahi would have to walk home from the train in the rain (yes it was raining that day too, haha and all you people thinking we live in the land of sunshine!)
Anyway, before I get too distracted... They had a amazing kids area which I think older kids would find interesting as well. Auron was just happy to build with the blocks and play in the tunnels and look at himself in the funny mirrors. It was during this time that Lili decided to wet through her nappy, oh my gosh not just the nappy but all her clothes! of course we forgot to pack extra clothes, we aren't one of those super prepared families as you may have guessed. So I take her to the baby changing room and strip her down and wash her clothes and her in the sink with hand soap then dried her clothes with the hand dryer. I wish I had a photo of that, she happily played in the sink through out the ordeal. Lesson learnt, must bring changes of clothes, and more than one nappy each and definitely more than 4 wet wipes to last the day....yes incredibly unorganised.
We moved on to the more adult orientated exhibits and the kids fell asleep. We enjoyed some more intellectual conversation, and made ourselves feel a bit smarter. We have been feeling like our brain cells are dying lately so are making an effort to exercise our brains more.
When we left the museum we wanted to go to one of our favourite dessert places, it was of course raining again but we pressed forward with the promise of delicious hot chocolate and churros drizzled melted milk chocolate. Alas it was not meant to be. By the time we got there, it seemed like everyone else had had the same idea and the place was packed wall to wall.
We were back out in the rain, luckily the kids were still sleeping nice and toasty in the pram. We walked back towards the city, we walked we talked and found ourselves arriving at Melbourne Central, a train station and more. The train station is underground with a big shopping center and restaurant hub on the top. I looked in our voucher book to see if we had any vouchers for there. Ajsen Ramen it was, and it was delicious. I didn't think Auron would like it too much but eat ate half of mine and a good portion of Aarahi's ramen as well. Lili was happy with rice and teriyaki sauce. We ended our day off with a hot chocolate from Max Brenner.
Another perfect family day out.
Lili tipped the water jug over and decided to eat the lemons out of it....she thought they were great,  not even the  slightest hint of a sour face. 

Auron's favourite part of the museum was the lego wall. If you look closely you can see his attempt with my mascara.....Daddy was not too impressed. 

Ahhh nice and clean after her little nappy incident

Lili is getting pretty strong, and is now pulling herself up on things. 
These kids love bath time. It's a far cry from the torment bath time used to be with Auron

In their matching fluffy pj's, This photos was incredibly hard to get Auron was is no mood to cooperate.

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