Monday 1 July 2013

Top 5 baby must haves

Having a baby can be overwhelming! I went to one of those baby and toddler expo's last year (two days before I was due to have Lili). The amount off "stuff" was ridiculous, and everyone was telling you that you "need" this and you "need" that. At one of the stalls the sales man was trying to sell me this milk formula for toddlers to boost their immunity and help with the nutrition of picky eaters...he had me there! Auron knows what he likes, and what he doesn't (most things green are in the no-go basket) He had me convinced that this was what my son needed and that I as a mother would be doing him an injustice if I didn't buy $40 a tin. He gave Auron a sample, he reaction was priceless he spat it out and tried all manner of ways to rid his mouth of its presumably foul taste. The most entertaining was the licking the floor...I promptly told the sales man, thanks but no thanks, I think I would have a better chance of getting him to eat broccoli than drink that drink.

Here are my Top 5 Baby Must Have's that I love and have never regretted the money spent on them!

Number One

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: When Auron began teething he would drool all day and all night long, so much so that you would think his mouth was Niagara Falls or something! He would be grumpy and never sleep and generally be miserable and we all know that a miserable baby means a miserable household. I bought this necklace with a bit of reluctance, I mean seriously a $30 necklace for a 6 month old! We noticed a difference within 2 days of putting it on him. The drooling stopped he was happier, slept well and the rash under his chin, as a result of the constant drool waterfall was almost completely cleared up.

I bought mine here

Number Two

A baby swaddle bag. I'm not entirely sure if that is what they are called but its a pretty accurate description. Its like a sleeping bag with no arm holes so it keeps baby securely wrapped up. We didn't have one for Auron but we bought one for Lili. She is a wiggly sleeper so would always become unwrapped and wake up. It also helps with her sleep routines. Once she is in it she knows its bedtime. I bought the Ergo cocoon ones. the come in both summer and winter weights and have snaps at the arms so you can use it like a more traditional sleeping bag and make the transitions from swaddling to no swaddling easier. Lili is 8 months and still uses hers for every sleep.

I bought mine here

Number Three

A baby hammock. Again this is something that we have only had for our second child and let me tell you the difference it has made! Auron would never sleep in his cot, it was too big, too far away from Mummy and just not inviting at all. As a result he slept with us most of the night up until the week before Lili was born. Lili loved her hammock, it makes the transition from the womb to the big wide world a little bit more gentle for them. I loved that I could bounce her back to sleep without having to get out of bed (yey for more sleep) and she could sleep contently by herself which is a big plus when you have a toddler and house to care for too! Neither of my kids had reflux or colic but they are really good for that too as baby is not laying completely flat as the head is elevated.  She out grew it at 6 months but most babies would last a few more months, my kids are just really tall.

I bought mine here

Number Four

A good baby carrier is essential. When our babies were newborns I used a Moby wrap. They take a bit to learn how to put them on but I swear once you learn you will never go back. Wraps like these keep baby in a natural position without stretching out their little legs before they are ready. They are also super comfy for Mum too. I wore Auron around the zoo and through the city for 7 hours when he was 7 months with no problem and trust me when I say I am not at all strong or fit.

When our babies hit the 5-6 month mark we made the transition to an Ergo. These are probably on the more pricey side but they are wonderful and will last many children and have a great resale value. You can wear baby on the front or back. I prefer the front as Lili likes to pull my hair when she's on my back. Daddy usually wears her on his back though. My husband likes it because it is more "many" which is understandable...he wasn't going to wear my flowery moby wrap anywhere!

We have found baby carriers excellent for travelling through airports etc. We travel overseas a few times a year and would do without them. They are also great for comforting and soothing an unsettled baby while you carry on with everyday activities like shopping and housework.

You can buy a moby here
And and ergo here

Number Five

A baby bouncer. AMAZING for those times when no amount of nursing, rocking, swaddling can settle that poor little baby. We prefer the older style ones you rock with your foot. The ones with motorized parts just didn't do the job right! We usually put baby in while we were having dinner and bounced so we could enjoy or meal with two hands!
There's not much to say about these other than I am sure it has saved me from being committed to a mental hospital many times...

You can buy them at most department stores but I like this one

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  1. Ok I have never even heard of a baby hammock before!!! That is brilliant.



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