Tuesday 2 July 2013

Cloud Dough

I saw this idea floating around a while ago and knew that Auron would love it! This kid loves mess! I made up the recipe while he was out doing errands with Daddy.
OK to be honest I spent a good 30 mins playing with it myself before he came home. The baby oil make it feel so soft on your hands, not to mention the smell! I'm curious as to if you could make it with other oils? coconut? almond?
The dough is kind of similar to wet sand, holds it shape when molded.

The recipe I used was

4 Cups plain flour
1/2 Cup baby oil

Then just mix away. You will have to get your hands in there to get it mixed well.

Note I did try to add food colouring but it didn't work too well. Auron added glitter from the craft cupboard though which worked really well.

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