Tuesday 30 July 2013

Kai Carrier Review

Last week I ordered some Kai carriers because I made a resolution to stop feeding Liliana bought food from the supermarket and to just make my own. This is because of two reasons, firstly that food is expensive. They average $2 each, and then more if you want to do the organic stuff. If you mulitply that by 3 for each day and then by 7 for the week that's a grand total of $42. Now if you are like me there are MUCH better things I could spend that money on. The second reason is that I prefer to know exactly what goes into my kids food.
I love the idea and the convenience of the pouches. They are easy for kids to use by themselves without making a huge mess and it doesn't really matter if you forget a spoon which lets face it, I do 90% of the time. So when I came across the Kai Carrier which is a reusuable baby food pouch I was sold immediately...as long as they did what they claimed to do.
And the verdict is....THEY ARE AMAZING! The pouch opens at the top with a simple but strong zip lock. you just open it up and pour in your food, zip it up and away you go. They are easy for the babies to use, and the toddlers have been using them too on a daily basis whenever we go out.
My sister and I were discussing their other uses, such as filling them with yoghurt and putting them in kids school lunches to keep everything cool and have a yummy yogurt once it defrosts in time for lunch.

They are available HERE

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