Sunday 7 July 2013

Silhouette Princess Canvas

This morning we attempted toilet training. I didn't happen Auron cried and cried to put his nappy back on. I knew I should have gone with it a few weeks ago when he was happy about the toilet and wearing big boy undies, but I was living on 2 hours a night sleep so obviously the patience was not there!
My sister is toilet training her son too, I haven't heard how that went maybe she can give me some tips and tricks.
My poor little Lili bug is teething terribly! We arrived home from church yesterday around 5pm and I checked her gums to see if there was anything to show for her grumpiness all day but nothing. I checked her again at bed time around 8pm and BAM 3 new teeth! So I put her to bed drugged up on Nurofen and she had the best nights sleep in weeks, although she did wake up wet right through her nappy! Hopefully this will bode well for our trip to NZ in 2 weeks.

I put Lili down for her nap and she fell asleep mid scream, it was hilarious I wish you could catch those kind of things on camera. Now that she was sleeping blissfully Auron and I got to work on an art project. My idea of what I wanted him to do and his idea were rather different. Oh well I let him go with it.
I saw the idea for silhouette portraits here. Who knew Tori Spelling was so crafty. Anyway, I couldn't get my kids to cooperate to get a photo taken so I looked up colouring pages for Disney princesses. Tinkerbell looked cute enough. Auron, well he wanted a plane so that's what he used for his.

And heres how to do it and our finished projects.


Mod podge (or PVA watered down a little)

How to do it

1. Paint your canvas

2. Cut out your chosen pictures, make sure you get all the fine details in

3. Paint picture black

4. Glue picture on to canvas

5. Seal the whole canvas by painting over it with mod podge or pva. Don't worry that it looks white as it dries clear.

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