Tuesday 9 July 2013

It's the Little Things

Today wasn't exciting or productive in any way. I folded the mountain of laundry that had been accumulating in the living room. I'm good at washing it, hanging it out and bringing it in but i never fold it. Half the time i usually just pick things out of it and it slowly empties back into the pile of dirty laundry...or my husband folds it. I most certainly never put it away, but today I did. Aarahi almost died of shock.
I tried to clean the kitchen tiles with my two little assistants. Not a good idea. I ended up with a flooded kitchen and wet kids.
I am lucky enough to have my Mr Wonderful home most of the day since he finishes around lunch time. He took the kids to the park while I watched an ENTIRE episode of Ellen without any interruptions. I also ate my entire plate of food without having to share it.
And if that wasn't enough I had a shower alone too. Without anybody opening the door, or dumping water on their sister or stripping their clothes off insisting they get in too....then deciding they don't like showers and want to get out. Oh and my towel was dry when I went to dry myself, not saturated  from little people using it to mop up the mess they made while dumping water on their sister's head.

Yep it's the little things that make a brilliant day.

I was feeling a little crafty today and made Lili a dress too. Maybe that was productive?

What is this you may ask? 

....Auron making toast, I swear there must be at least half a jar of jam on there. 

Lili in her new dress. She surprised me and stood up by herself for a little while. 

Gotta love Auron's face

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