Monday 29 July 2013

Time Out for Women Conference

On Saturday my Mum, sister and sister in law attended a conference for women. It is run by Deseret Books which is owned by the LDS  (mormon) church which we belong to. It was an awesome experience, despite the fact that we were all exhausted! and by exhausted I mean that at one stage we had all fallen asleep during a presentation.
There were around 2000 ladies in attendance from all over NZ. It was really awsome being able to see people that you hadn't seen in years.
I will tell you of one of the best things we all got out of it. One of the speakers, Hillary Weeks spoke about "Saying Love". She shared and experiment she did with her family which was somewhat crazy, but had really neat results. What she did was fill two jars with cooks white rice. They were then put into a room with all the same conditions. She then had her family speak loving kind words, in their nicest loving voices to one jar of rice (like I said crazy). To the other jar she had them yell and scream and be nasty. At the end of the experiment the jar that received loving words spoken to it remained a perfect jar of rice, while the other jar which had received hate had turned into a gross slushy moldy mess. There is a scientific reason behind the actual results something about the vibrations from your voice having and effect on the rice. However the experiment proved to teach a bigger lesson that just the scientific one.
The way in which we speak to our children, husbands, partners, parents, siblings and friends has an effect on them. If we are to continue to speak harshly can we not expect the result of that harshness to be a damaged person? I find that often the mother sets the tone for the household. Have you ever heard that saying "happy wife, happy life". If the mother is happy, it flows out onto her whole household, whereas when she is upset and frustrated that too will inevitably alter the mood of the family.
It is true that there are times when pure exhaustion and frustrations are going to push us over the edge. It happens in my house as I am sure it does in your house. My aim is to make those situations few and far between. How am I going to do that you ask? By Saying Love. Each time anger and fustration rear their ugly heads I will find something of worth in the situation. Whether that be looking at how beautiful and cuddly my baby girl is when she has woken me up for the 8th time in the night. Perhaps its just laughing at the fun Auron has had while he threw buckets of water out of the bath, flooding the bathroom and saturating Lili who was already dressed. Realistically it's only going to take an extra 5 mins to mop up all the water.
We really enjoyed the conference and the things we came away with. I think I enjoyed the company most. It is not often I get to spend the day with these 3 lovely ladies who are some of my closet friends.

Kristen Mum Me and Eleanor

Mum Me and Ellie

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