Saturday 6 July 2013

Indoor hop scotch

When I was little this was one of my favourite games to play, hop scotch and elastics to be specific. While the kids were napping Aarahi and I got out some masking tape and marked out a hop scotch right on the lounge room floor.


When Auron woke up he was some what confused. I tried to show him how to play but he just wasn't getting it but even so he looked like he was having the time of his life just jumping up and down.

I think I must have had way more energy when I was 7, I was tired after 2 go's, but in all honesty I can't actually remember when I last 'hopped'. This 26 year old body is too old for hopping!

We had family over for dinner and my little cousin took the hop scotch for a spin, she didn't need any instructions. Auron just wanted to talk on the phone and walk around in E's shoes. Sometimes I worry about his shoe addiction...

As the night ended they had some fun with the whiteboard. Sometime kids are just entertained by the simple things. Auron love B She's the only one with the energy to keep up with him 

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