Wednesday 17 July 2013

Travelling with Kids

Next week we are off back to New Zealand for the second time this year. I will taking the kids, with Aarahi joining us a few weeks later. He has to work and make the money, you know so we can actually afford to go on holiday!
We tend to travel a lot. Well we have in the last few years anyway, and always with kids! (I am slightly jealous Aarahi gets to fly with no kids this time) Last April we went on a family holiday to the USA and we fly to a from NZ several times a year also. Our domestic trips are few and far between, we went to Sydney once though! This next trip will be Auron's 20th plane trip and he's only just gone 2!
Auron's First Plane Trip. Sydney 2011
Flying with kids, especially internationally takes a bit of preparation and organisation so here's what I have learnt.

1.IT'S NOT GOING TO BE AS BAD AS YOU THINK! You know your child, you know what works to help them relax and behave. Whether that be bribing them with chocolate or the such then so be it. You know what works. There is no need to drug them up, as what was recommended to me countless times.

2. PREPARE your child if there is a big time zone difference. This may mean for a few week before your trip you might want to adjust their naps and bedtime a little so not to shock their systems too much. We found Auron was fine going to the USA but we struggled on the reverse flight. Jet lag is harder on adults than kids I think. Stay out in the sun as much as you can so your body adjusts because a grumpy mum is no good for baby.

The first leg of our Melbourne - Francisco Trip .
3. FOOD. Pack snacks, snacks and more snacks! you can never have enough snacks. They are good for bribing kids to sit down on the plane and good for keeping them occupied. Choose things that are easy to open and appropriate sizes. Avoid messy yoghurt's and things that require spoons, because you know you're going to drop that spoon under the seat and we all know how "easy" it is to get things our from under plane seats.
As an extra note on the food, pack it all into one bag, and be sure to make it accessible as you will have to show the TSA officers when going through security.

4. Bring ENTERTAINMENT. Load up that ipad with NEW episodes of their favourite shows, and new apps. It's a good idea to pack some new toys too. The cheap dollar store toys are good for this. I like to wrap them up and give them out through the trip, not all at once. Stickers, note books and pens are always fun too and provide a good balance between the screen time.
Liliana's first trip March 2013. In her PJ's ready to go!
5. Put your kids in their PYJAMAS. It may seem a little strange taking them to the airport in the middle of the day in their pyjamas but it sets the mood for quiet time. Plus they are comfortable.

6. So WHERE TO SIT? we find that behind the galley is the best place when you have kids. The reasons for this are that firstly if you have a little baby you can put them in a bassinet which is attached to the wall. Secondly there are no seats in front of you so your kids can kick, and move around as much as they want with out disturbing anyone. Finally, there is more room there and everyone loves more leg room, especially my husband because he's rather tall.

Disneyland just knocked him out!

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