Sunday 23 February 2014

Rest Time: My Best Idea All Year...(and it's only February!)

Two weeks ago now I was reading on someone's blog about how when her kids were younger she started implementing 1 hour quiet time. Even now that she home schools and has 8 kids in total she has still been able to carry it on. I thought "THAT IS WHAT I NEED TO DO!" Seriously though even though I just have 2 kids they already take a decent amount of energy on top of all the usual things that come with running a house and being a wife. 
For the last 10 days we have been having "rest time". I was a little pessimistic about how receptive Auron would be to it, but he was all to happy to comply with my bright idea. So now after lunch we clean up the mess from the mornings fun and games and give the kitchen a quick tidy then Lili goes down for a nap. This kid still resists naps every single day! Once she is finally asleep (given up) Auron and I head down to my room. I usually read a book or scriptures sometimes I will even manage a nap too. Auron either watches a movie on the ipad, reads a book or plays quietly. The rule is NO TALKING. I think that's the key. Auron gets it too which is great. He's at the age where he is asking questions non-stop so an hours break from that in pure bliss. 
After an hour (usually down to the minute) Lili wakes up and rest time is over. It's great. I feel refreshed and have an extra boost of energy to carry out the rest of the day's activities. I have noticed a difference in Auron too. He is so much calmer and less whiny in the late afternoon. I only wish I had figured this out sooner! 

My nephew Hale....Nothing better than a sleeping baby!

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