Thursday 20 February 2014

Sometime You Just Give Up Caring

Last Sunday after church Aarahi was bringing in some laundry from the clothesline. The kids were hanging out with him outside. Next thing he turns around and they are in the paddling pool fully clothed in their Sunday best. He called me out to have a look at them. They were awfully cute. Oh well who cares if they are swimming fully clothed they're already wet haha not much you can do about it now.

I think sometime I just have to remember some things really just don't matter. So what if Lili spills her drink for the 100th time today. She's still little and still learning how to be careful. Does it really matter that Auron put on a load of laundry with one pair of dirty underwear and enough washing powder for 10 loads! He was only trying to help. That's life you can either laugh and enjoy it or be frustrated and grumpy, it's up to you.

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