Monday 24 February 2014

Weekly Menus

I have found that writing a weekly menu every week saves me time, money and often my sanity. I love not having to think about what we are going to have or wanting to make something and realizing that we don't have all the ingredients etc. I am a firm believer in making food from scratch it's not often that I packaged food or sachets and cans of ingredients.

Here is our weekly menu for this week. I shop on Friday afternoons. Once the milk/bread/ anything runs out too bad we aren't going back to the store. We just make do with what's left over.  As we all know when you go into buy a loaf of bread you come out with about 10 other things you really didn't need! I do baking for the week on Sunday or Monday. My Husband takes his lunch to work so it's nice for him to have some nice baking to accompany his boring peanut butter and jam sandwiches...his choice of sandwich filling.

You may have to click on the menu to see it all in full size

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