Saturday 17 December 2011

What a busy weekend

The weekend has sort of crept up on me this week, not that I'm complaining it just means its closer to holiday time (6 days...not that I'm counting or anything). So Friday we went into town at 7pm, in an attempt to avoid the crowds, it was mildly successful but probably not worth waiting around all day for. We tried to finish our Christmas shopping and left with all but 2 presents bought. On Saturday Aarahi started work early and finished late, lucky it is the last Saturday shift for the year. On his way home he went and picked up my 6 year old cousin Bronte. She was coming over to spend the day helping me with making some Christmas presents and getting stuff ready for our Family Dinner on Sunday. She was a fantastic help especially with Auron. She entertained him, shared her lunch, and cuddled with him while they watched Harry Potter while I cleaned up the HUGE mess we made. In the Afternoon we went and FINISHED our shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything is now wrapped and packed up into the suitcases to bring over next week. Man will I be gutted if they lose those suitcases! After Bronte went home, I got on with cooking/glazing the ham for Sunday. My initial plan was to skip church, yes I know naughty me, but Aarahi so kindly accepted the assignment for us to speak.

Oh we both have new callings at church. Aarahi is Young Mens President and I am an adviser in the Young womens.

Right so Sunday, talks went ok I guess. The topic was "Giving is the True Spirit of Christmas". When I was thinking about this as I was wrapping up the last of our presents I kind of felt like my Mum I guess, there are a ridiculous amount of presents all wrapped up, all carefully selected, for those that we love but not one present under the tree has our name on it. As a teenager or child this would have bothered me immensely but last night as I placed the last gift into the suitcase I felt happy, joyful even, at a job well done at the happiness Aarahi and I have found in shopping for each of the recipients. I have no doubt that the gifts will likely be forgotten after a week or two but it was more than a joy to give. It kept the kids in our thoughts throughout the year as we looked for little things they might like.

Ok enough of that, our christmas dinner we had here tonight was good fun. The food was good, we had glazed ham, roast pork, roast veges, steamed veges, salads, trifle (made solely by Aarahi, he even made the custard from scratch, with eggs and milk) choc ripple cake, santa hats, icecream, and probably some other stuff that i forgot. Man I feel fat. Can't wait to do it all again next week....and the week after.

We also opened some presents. We did not so secret santa with our family here and Auron opened his big present which he loved...see photos...

Well Auron's just broken into the cookie jar so better go deal to him.

Auron and Bronte watching  Harry Potter


Auron and Tiarne. He got a new hat too!

Santa's Lil Helper

My big present, a Lightning McQueen motorised quad bike. I love it, its still charging at the moment so i will have to wait for tomorrow before i can give it a real ride.

He really does love it. Keeps trying to climb on but cant quite get his leg over.

Christmas baby in his new christmas top

Bronte making the Santa Hats

The leftovers, was too busy eating to take photos before most of the food was demolished

Santa's hat brownies

Aarahi's YUMMY trifle.
Choc Ripple cake

Um yes I am cute and I'm going to eat as much cake as I can while you let me

Yum eating the cookies....

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