Monday 2 January 2012

This is our Family: NZ trip part 1

So we are home from our whirlwind trip back to New Zealand. It was AMAZING but so so so busy so will have to break the holiday down into two posts I think.

We will start with Tauranga and Christmas. Uncle Jasen picked up from the airport and we hit the road for Tauranga which is where Aarahi is from. We arrived at the homestead late afternoon and were met by hoards of children and aunties and uncles. All but one of Aarahis eight siblings and their families were home for christmas. His youngest brother is still serving a mission in the Philippines.

Christmas eve was the night for presents as we had church in the morning and the house was sure to be chaotic with that many people trying to get ready. Following church on Christmas day we headed over to a big hall to have our christmas dinner. It was deliecious i must say. I was then a mad rush to clean up and get back to the house in time to skype Elder Matthews. He was allowed to video skype this year which was a real treat. He's looking good although he's picked up a terrible american accent which I'm sure he will lose...I hope. We talked for about 2 hours there were a lot of us to get through!

The rest of our time in Tauranga was spent relaxing and enjoying our family, on the last day we all headed off to the beach. It was a PERFECT beach day. The water was warm, the waves good, and not too crowded.

And now off we go to Palmerston North.

All 21 grandkids at the Marae
The 3 oldest with the 3 youngest

Nanny Kaye and Cumorah with Auron and Aarahi

ooo Someone found the big boys toys

Aarahi and Jaran
My two little helpers drying the dishes

Fun at the beach
Szharei and DiAhman building castles

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