Monday 30 January 2012

He's a walking boy!

Yup Auron started walking yesterday, bang on 10 months. I put him down on the floor while i went to do something in the kitchen and he just walked after me. He still prefers to crawl, i guess that's because he can do that faster but I'm sure that will change over the next few days and weeks.
It's been really hot here over the last week, it's been sticky and hard to sleep and to hot to go out and do much. I feel like we are wasting summer. It's cooled down today which is a nice change. We went to the pools on Saturday to cool down. it was PACKED. Even though Australia is such a hot place in summer we are still yet to see an impressive swimming complex. In NZ each city pretty much has really good places to swim, with waterslides, lazy rivers, spas, saunas, waterfalls, wave pools and diving boards etc. Here the pools are pretty much one big rectangle, with the the odd water slide. Why is that? And if anyone does know where the good pools are in Melbourne tell me!

Last Thursday was Australia Day. Aarahi had the day off and what better way to spend Australia day than with other Non-Australians!. We went to spend the day with my friend Kim and her boyfriend Chris. They made us a yummy lunch. Chris and Aarahi played playstation and their geeky card games all afternoon while Kim and I headed off to do some shopping and look around her neighborhood. We are planning a sleepover soon. The boys are going to play their games and Kim and I are going to cook and sew. It should be fun.

We had date night on wednesday night. We made donuts together and they were GOOOOOOD. Then watched a DVD. Thanks to my friend Anita who was selling her DVD collection when we were back home we have a good selection of new DVD's.

We've put Auron into cloth nappies. I'm LOVING it. We haven't bought nappies since we were home in NZ and that was only a 24 pack to use on holiday. They have almost already paid for themselves. We bought a few different brands but like peapods the best. You can get them at the Baby Factory in NZ if you are interested. We just picked up another 5 last week, now our collection is complete.

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