Sunday 5 February 2012

First haircut

So I gave Auron his first hair cut today. I was a tad emotional as I chopped off a good inch off the top. It was getting long, and in his eyes and it kept getting food in it. He still looks super cute though! You actually cant really tell because most of his length was on the top.
This past weekend we went to our stake youth swimming carnival. I think everyone had fun. I think most of the youth are at that "I'm too cool to swimming" stage despite the fact its ridiculously hot. The heat got to them though and by the end of the day everyone was in the water. Even Aarahi and I ended up in the water clothes and all. Auron LOVES swimming, this kid is not even slightly scared of water, even likes going under.
Following the swim we made a mad dash home to get changed and get to my cousins 17th birthday. She's in hospital at the moment but was out for the weekend which was awesome.
We missed church this week as we we both sick. I don't know why all of the sudden I seeem to be getting every illness going around! Definatly OVER it
Aarahi also took friday off work to hang out at home with us. We didn't do too much as I was sick and Auron was grumpy. Aarahi let me have a sleep with Auron and he got to work in the lounge making a hut for us. It's really cool infact that it's still up. We slept in it one night and watched Madagascar and Aarahi made snacks. Good fun! LOVE MY LIFE.

Isn't he so YUMMY!

I Love his facials here, so cute

Oh no! a blurry Daddy!

Ahhh that's better

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