Saturday 11 February 2012

A Week of Fun

So I had a new plan this week as I was feeling like a bit of a useless mummy. I was always busy with trying get the housework done, tending to Auron's basic needs, cooking dinner, keep the house running, making sure my hard working husband was ok and trying work on my own little projects that Auron just got slotted into whenever I had a spare moment. He would always be following me around tugging at my legs while I tried to do things and complaining and the more I ignored his pleas for attention the louder he got and seriously this boy screams like a girl, so high pitch it's painful to hear.

Starting on Monday I made sure all the house work and organising etc was done before midday, I worked on my own projects only when Auron was napping or was playing with daddy. I dedicated 3 hours each day in a row to uninterrupted Auron time. The difference has been AMAZING for the last 4 days the only times hes cried have been when he hit his head and when he goes to bed. The complaining and high pitch screaming stopped immediately and no more tugging on my leg. He is now happy to play on his own when I'm busy and I am finding I actually have more time on my hands and the house is cleaner and more organised.

So what do we do you may ask? Well we've played with play dough, done finger painting on the far his favourite activity, chased the gym ball around outside, played in buckets of water, read lots of books, done 'cooking' he just likes to eat whatever we are cooking, watched some youtube clips, and just played together.

Today we went to the Bunnings Hardware store and Auron pushed around one of those trolleys they have for little kids aw he was so cute gutted that we forgot the camera. We went to buy some baby proofing supplies. Aarahi has been tying plastic bags around the door knobs in the kitchen so Auron can't get in. It works well for Aarahi seeing as he never really opens any cupboards in the kitchen but it was driving me crazy having to untie all the knots!

Aarahi rang to tax department this week to ask about our tax return which was due last year but still hasn't come through. They were no help, I guess the tax department is the same in every country. They said just wait and it will come, in the mean time they will put a fast track on it. I'm hoping it comes in time for our holiday but I highly doubt it, but it would be nice to have a bit more spending money. Although some of it will be off to meet my infamous student loan. That's a whole other story and why I hate the NZ tax department. Getting an education shouldn't be so expensive!

I crocheted this week! My nana taught me years ago and i brushed up on youtube. I made the baby this cute little owl hat. I am quite proud of it haha first time I've actually completed something like that!. My next project is to make a new carseat cover for Auron. His one is just plain black and grey, I think it could do with some colour.

That's about it for this week

Just like every other kid I eat my icecream from the bottom

I LOVE to play daddy's xbox. I even have my own controller but I still like daddy's one best

Covered in paint!

This is the hat mummy made me, this photo doesnt do its cuteness justice

Can you see the big bump on my head? I hit it on the corner of the wall

Brushing my teeth

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