Saturday 18 February 2012

Yey not sick!

For the first time in 3 weeks or so I haven't had a stomach bug or a cold, or bad headache it's been great to say the least.
This week has been fairly uneventful in the Matthews household. Valentines day was great! I woke up in the morning to find a bag from the jewelers on the dining room table. Inside was a note that said "I am hiPing....." confused much? I thought maybe it was an old bag and he meant we could go get something when he got home. I typed hiping into facebook and the wiggly line appears, right click to spell check "hiding"! well that makes sense. Searched the house top to toe and gave up and fed Auron his breakfast and then I saw sitting on my chair a cute little box. inside were 2 beautiful charms for my Pandora bracelet.
I still hadn't bought Aarahi anything...he's impossible. None the less Auron and I headed into town to try our luck. We settled on a new bag, he had said he wanted a new one anyway. It was a little expensive so thought I better actually make sure he liked it. Rang him to come and have a look, he approved. Then subway for lunch.
I made a yummy homemade from scratch butter chicken for dinner with some homemade garlic naan bread. Recipes from my new Jaime Oliver cook books I scored for $5 each at the small grocer by our house. (I saw them later that day at Target for $50each) Dinner was polished off with mini bonoffee pies. Boy did we feel fat!
Auron is growing like a weed, he's getting so tall and is pretty good at his walking now he hardly crawls at all. His favourite thing to do is chase the gym ball around (atleast it has some use right). He also LOVES to play xbox with Daddy, I think we are breeding a nerd. Uncle Jameson will be so proud.

Our yummy dinner

Hehe I found this photo of Auron the day he came home. These clothes fit him all of one week!

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