Monday 16 July 2012


I think having all this cold weather I shouldn't be too surprised Auron has a yucky cold. I am pretty blessed that when he's sick he doesn't make too much of a fuss, just a extra bit clingy and sleepy. We're also lucky that the new pram we bought is a real cosy one so he doesn't get cold if we have to go out. Talking about being cold though, he's just discovered how to take his clothes off, as soon as he's dressed and I'm getting his breakfast he's stripping down. Getting him to put them back on is easy but he just takes them off again so I give up and just turn the heater on. Hopefully he doesn't decide to rip off his nappy, that could be a filthy disaster.

Come Friday last week I got struck down with the cold Auron has, it's full effect arriving on Saturday night. Auron and I skipped church and set up the lounge with matresses and mountains of pillows and tissues. Aarahi went to church saying he would probably stay a little longer and have a meeting with his  counsellors so when he arrived home barely 2 hours later I was a little surprised. Apparently church was cut short (only had sacrament meeting) because it was too cold in the chapel as the heating system was broken. It was nice to have him home to take care of me.

On Sunday morning I woke up to a rash on my hand, by the time Sunday night came my whole body was covered and itching like crazy. I had NO sleep that night. I went to the doctor the next day, turns out I'm allergic to my asthma inhaler....go figure the inhaler I've been taking for the past 23 years of my life. The problem is that when I'm sick I need my inhaler to be able to breathe so the doctor did some swapping around and gave me a different one, so far so good, I'm still covered in massive red rashes but they are going down slowly.

Well just got home from the movies, we went to see Brave. It was a really good movie, I liked it, Aarahi liked it, Auron watched the majority of it before becoming more interested in the packet of M&M's.

Auron was more than EXCITED to see Cookie Monster and Elmo on the news tonight. They were having a show here in Melbourne, I wish I had got tickets for us but Auron had no interest when they were selling the tickets. 

Reading my scriptures like a good boy

Auron loved our trip to Bunning where they had little trolleys,  he kept filling it up with all sorts of junk.

Auron's been quite interested in matching things particular shoes  so I made him some cool matching blocks out of wood (so he can't fold them and break them easily!) So far he's really enjoyed them and has found other uses for them too. I made about 12 I think.

Since I've been sick the housework has been lacking. One afternoon  I turned the vacuum cleaner on and left Auron to clean the kitchen while I had a shower. When I got out he was still going, he had done a pretty good job too I must say.  

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