Friday 6 July 2012

The weeks are flying by

This year seems to be going so fast. Before I realise it's the end of the week and I have barely accomplished anything. Auron and I went to town on Thursday to return some library books and do some groceries. It was sooooooo busy! I had forgotton it was school holidays, I hate school particular all those crazy teeny boppers lol. At least I managed to get everything done I had on my list.
I have seen some really neat things to do with Auron lately as he has been getting a bit bored with our regular activities. The first one we are trying is making some coloured rice and hiding some little "treasures" in it for him to find.  I also made some coloured pasta (I was on a roll). I bought these cool cards the other day that have photos on them of different animals which he loves to play with.
After 14 months or so Auron is actually in some kind of routine, never really bothered trying to put him into one, he's kind of just done it himself. We're down to one sleep in the afternoon, and he still wakes up once at night (pretty sure I could knock that on the head if I wanted but I kind of like it because he comes into bed with me) I actually will be pretty gutted when he decided to sleep through the night. I think I can count on one hand the times he's sleep in his own bed for a full night. What I'm most happy about is that we can just put him to bed and he doesn't make a fuss.
Aarahi took Friday off work and we did nothing, except go to the supermarket for toilet paper which we were desperately in need of after which we came home and had the most wonderful pulled pork sandwiches on homemade buns, that we are still eating today and probably tomorrow.

I was being a little too quiet...must have been up to mischief throwing eggs on the ground. I must take after my Uncle Khyber.

Doing some more paintings.

My coloured rice with some animals to play with.

I really liked mixing the colours together and scooping the rice up and putting it into different containers

This is me playing with the pasta after I had my nap. Mummy  gave me some pipe cleaners to thread on the pasta with holes in. I'm pretty good at sorting out which ones go on the pipe cleaners. When I am a bit bigger I will learn to sort my pasta into colours.

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