Monday 23 July 2012

A fruit baby?

This past week I have had cravings? I dunno if i would call it cravings but an unsual desire to eat fruit! I'm not usually a fruit person, we have lots at our house because Aarahi's a bit of a fruit nut. This week though I cant seem to get enough of oranges and green apples. Also almonds....who knew those things were so good?
I finally relented this week and got some warm clothes that fit me. I thought I could get through this pregnancy/winter without having to buy any more clothes but after a week of living in my pj's and Aarahis hoodies I realised if i was ever the leave the house again I would need some new clothes. Unfortunatly all my maternity clothes from Auron are for summer so are no good to me. Lucky for me Pumpkin Patch had 50% off maternity! $150 later and I was sorted. We also picked up a cute little leather jacket for Auron for cheap. Ahhhh I love end of season sales. It's amazing hw much better I feel now that I don't look so hori.
The past month or so Auron has for some unknown reason taken a disliking to baths. He hasn't fallen over, or the water been too hot/too cold so no idea. Turns out he only wants Daddy to give him a bath. Aarahi has no problem getting him in and clean whereas he will perform so much for me that i dont even bother and just wipe him down with a wetwipe.

Our ward had a Returned Missionary Fireside last night, all the RM's brought in little keepsakes they had from their missions. One of them (Bro Kayrooz) brought along a yearbook in which Aarahi came across his oldest sisters profile! pretty cool alright.

This week we decorated a butterfly with all sorts of different things. I just cut out  a butterfly template and stuck it onto some clear duraseal 

The finished product! Now proudly hanging on the dining room wall.

Up to mischief again..... 

A whole loaf of bread with one bite taken out of each piece!


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