Friday 26 April 2013


Aarahi and I loved the talk given in General Conference about Marriage. I can't remember who gave it but I think it was a Sunday morning talk. Anyway, it talked about how marriages that last are ones in which both husband and wife view the marriage as priceless. It was with this in mind that we thought we would make more of an effort to work on our marriage. That's not to say that our marriage was in trouble or that we had issues, I think we're pretty good actually I can't even remember the last time we argued.
So twice in the last 2 weeks we have had a "romantic" dinner. Romantic in the sense that the kids were in bed asleep for the night. It was nice, I can't remember the last time we actually ate dinner by ourselves. We didn't even talk about kids, or household stuff or money. Just some nice adult conversation. Perfect. Everyone should try it. One night we had to wait til 1030pm and the other night we didn't eat til 930pm but it was worth it. 
The night before ANZAC day I started to come down with a cold so didn't sleep well (and of course this was the night that Lili wanted to be a little angel and sleep all night). I got up at 4am and watched the dawn service on TV. It was really good, we would love to go to Gallipoli one day, maybe when the kids are older and can appreciate it. Everyone else got up at 730am and we got to work getting ready to go out for the day. We purchased and Entertainment Book which has lots of vouchers in it so we planned to make use of it today. By 930 we were in the city and heading for the Aquarium! We haven't been before as it is quite expensive and we really couldn't justify the cost. BUT with a two for one voucher it was reasonable. We scored double time though because they gave us 2 free passes because one of the exhibits were closed. Maybe we will go back maybe we will just give them away. 
Auron was a bit freaked out by the big fish and sharks, but was happy to look at the little fish. He was in love with the penguins, he kept trying to feed it his food and telling it to come to him. There was one that stayed right next to him and would follow him, Auron thought that was pretty funny. 
After the Aquarium we hopped back on the tram and stopped off at a park for a picnic. We stayed there for a good 2 hours, laying in the sun, swinging on swings and sliding on slides. Back onto the tram to head back to the car. Auron and Liliana both fell asleep. It was a perfect day. 
We moved Liliana out of her hammock and into a cot. I was not ready for it. She just looks to little in it although she did look like a giant in her hammock. She slept really well, the best she has ever slept. I only had to feed her twice all up. Usually she is up at least 6 times a night. 
Oh yes Auron got a hair cut this week. Aarahi and I talked about it for about a week before we did it. Auron is traumatised by having his hair washed. Seriously if you wash his hair it takes him a good 90mins to calm him down after then we have bath issues for the next week. He is also a sweaty kid so his hair STINKS if it isn't washed regularly. So off go the curls. The next morning he woke up and he just looked so much older, my little baby is gone. My babies are growing up, it's hard...but not hard enough that I want another one any time soon. 

The coolest seahorse around! Called a dragon. 

The cutest sting ray!


Auron telling the fluffy penguin chick to come to him

Gosh isnt see just so YUMMY! cutest baby ever

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