Wednesday 28 August 2013

New Zealand Part One

To be honest I was not all that enthusiastic about this holiday. I had planned on a quick weekend away in Auckland with my Mum and Sisters but it ended up being a month long holiday. That would have been ok, if I didn't have to leave my husband behind for the majority of it.
So with that said, the day we left I just carried on with our usual Thursday routine of Gymbaroo then out to lunch. When we finally got to the airport we found out our flight was delayed by 30 mins. Annoying but manageable. The final delay time was 3 hours! so we arrived into Auckland at 2.30am. I was incredible lucky Auron was in a good mood, he had to carry his own bags. He's such a trooper that boy. We got into the arrivals hall and he just fell into Aunty Teuila's arms. We lost his dummy along the way, and I didn't want to have to deal with that at 3am so we stopped at the supermarket on the way home. The only dummies were pink. He didn't want it. In the end I had to bite of the end and chew it up a bit so it looked like his old one.
The next day was the kids last day of school holidays and my brother had taken the day off work so we could all do something fun. We sat around for hours trying to decide what to do, until we decided on our original idea of mini golf. That's always the way right, spend ages thinking of what to do but then just doing the original idea.
Mini golf was AWESOME. It was the best way we could have spent time together. I have the best family. Honestly I do. It's probably the most complicated family in the world but I wouldn't have it any other way.
After mini golf we headed home and my mum had arrived from Palmerston North and my sister in law from Tauranga. YEY!
It was off to the night markets for dinner with everyone! We found it's not the best place to go with 4 grumpy kids.... The food was good. My sister in law Kristen found her love for dumplings and mango much so that after we left we had to turn around and go get her another one.

The next day my mum, sister Eleanor and sister in law Kristen headed off to Time Out for Women, yo can read about that HERE

Auron LOVED mini golf

Lili and her cousin Asher

Aunty Teuila and her "drink" I don't know what flavour you would call it haha

Perhaps one of my favourite photos. My two Princesses. Liliana-mei was named after Ahlia-mei

Uncle Khyber putting Lili to sleep

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