Thursday 9 January 2014

Sleep Sleep GLORIOUS Sleep

Many of you know that we have battled with sleep in this house. Lili in particular, but Auron's had his issues at times too.
A few months ago we thought we were finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...That light was most likely the lights of a train coming to shatter us in to a million pieces. For the couple of months we have been surviving on only several hours of sleep a night. For the past 2 weeks Lili has woken up close to midnight at least 4 times each week and literally screamed the house down for HOURS and HOURS inconsolable. She would calm down for a little while but start up again the moment you began to relax. She kept the WHOLE house awake. We just couldn't figure out what on earth was going on. She was fine during the day, slept fine when she napped etc. She wasn't hungry/thirsty/ dirty etc.
In a moment on absolute pure desperation I prayed (begged) to know what to do to help my baby sleep. It was probably one of the most desperate prayers I have ever offered. Then the thought came to me "stop giving her cows milk, it upsets her stomach"
Well I was willing to try anything especially if this was indeed the answer to my pleadings. At the start of the week I ditched the bottles and all other cows milk products. SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Surely that must a coincidence. But sure enough night after night she has slept though. I need to note here that even when she was sleeping "well" she was still waking once or twice at night. It's like I have new children! Auron is a lot more patient and less whiny. Lili is less clingy and generally a lot happier!

So there you go my wonderful sleep story! I am so glad it has had a happy ending!

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