Wednesday 1 January 2014

Home School Morning Board

Auron was a bit sick today which was kind of nice because I needed to get a lot done. He's a pretty easy sick kid, just lies on the couch and watches Tv and sleeps. He asked for a raspberry iceblock for breakfast, I complied. I mean if you're going to be sick you might as well get all the perks that go a long with it right?

Our school year starts the first week of February so I am disparately trying to get organised since we are going overseas for two weeks this month. One of the main projects I wanted to accomplish was making our Morning Board.

A Morning Board is a way to start the day, which reviews things that are going to be learnt that day/week. A plan for the day. For younger kids it's a good way to familiarize them with days of the week, shapes, numbers etc. You can pretty much put whatever you want on yours.

Our board includes:

  • The Date 
  • Letter of the week
  • Shape of the week
  • Number of the week
  • Scripture to memorize 
  • Weather
  • Plan for the day
I printed out all the parts then laminated them. This is about as creative as I get, I only had an hour or so before Lili woke up from her nap and would want to "help". I'm sure if you have more time you could do something a lot more fancy. 

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