Tuesday 12 November 2013

Awesome Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas, I love everything about it especially time with family and friends. The last time I was able to spend Christmas with my family was 4 years ago now and it will probably be another few years before we make it back for Christmas. I miss all the fun Christmas traditions we have every year, but try hard to keep some of them alive for our little family.

Let me share with you our FAVOURITE christmas traditions

Sleeping Under the Christmas Tree

This is my all time favorite. There has not been a year that we haven't slept under the christmas tree on Christmas Eve. There is something magical about falling asleep under the twinkling lights of the tree. 

Special Christmas Foods

Christmas is full of food, and LOTS of food. In our family we have one dish that is ONLY made at christmas. Everyone looks forward to it, and mouths salivate. Last year my cousin who lives in Melbourne too when I asked if he was coming over for Christmas his first question was "will there be those Christmas eggs for breakfast?!" OF COURSE. 

To make our Christmas eggs

1 dozen eggs
600ml cream
salt and pepper

Crack eggs into large dish
Gently pour over cream until they are nearly covererd (you may need more or less cream depending on the size of your dish)
Season with salt peper and parsley 
Bake in an 180C over for 30mins or until the eggs are too your liking. We like them soft in the middle. 

The Wishing Tree

Christmas is not always a happy time for everyone and many struggle to make ends meet. Many children dont wake up christmas morning to gifts under the tree and a glorious feast for the day. Many stores have wishing trees where you are able to purchase a gift for someone who otherwise would not receive a gift at christmas time. 
I think helping children look outside of themselves if a wonderful gift to give them. Helping them develop compassion and love for others. 

Christmas Lights

On Christmas Eve we would load everyone into the cars and head around town to look at all the houses that were decorated. In New Zealand decorated houses aren't the norm so you actually have to go looking for them. After awhile though you soon learn where the good houses are. There is one house where the owner dresses up as Santa and gives out gifts to all the kids. People donate toys to him throughout the year. 

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