Tuesday 5 November 2013

The End of and Era...Or so I Thought

Last night was the first time since Auron was born that we went to bed with out another little person in our room. We put Lili into Auron's room a few months ago when we were teaching her how to sleep through the night, she just slept better by herself instead of in our room. Auron however took her place in our room on a mattress on the floor, as we didn't want Lili's crying and complaining to wake him up.
Now that Lili is consistently sleeping through the night we thought it was about time we put Auron back in his bed. To tell you the truth my heart sunk a little when he was excited about putting his mattress back on his bed. I wasn't ready, I love waking up to him talking away to me. It's the best part of our morning together before Lili wakes up.
So to bed we all went, it was strange and I am still not sure I like it. When I heard his sleepy voice calling out "Mama" at 1am my heart skipped a beat and I went and picked up my big baby and brought him back into bed with us. My sweet husband just moved over and made some room for him. He's a sucker too you know.

Oh well perhaps tonight will go better?

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