Sunday 25 March 2012

First Birthday Party

Yesterday we had a little party for Auron's first birthday which is this coming Friday. Aarahi and I made him a cute Hungry Caterpillar cake which actually didn't turn out too bad! It was a LONG day though. Aarahi and his young men were doing a service project tending to the garden at family's home he arrived home not long before the party was due to start. Luckily we had done a lot of the prepartions the night before. Auron himself had been a little poo during the night so was to exhausted the next morning that he put himself done for a 3 hour nap....I guess there's a silver lining to every cloud, as I managed to get a lot accomplished without having to worry about him.
My friend Kim and her partner Chris turned up. Kim helped me finish of lunch prep while Chris entertained Auron in the lounge with the 60 or so balloons we had blown up for him. My Aunt uncle and cousins arrived not long after and we settled in for a a relaxing afternoon of burgers party food and cake.
Auron was blessed with some cool presents too, although he was quite taken by the $1.50 plastic snack boxes.
Cousin Ra and his girlfriend Nicolette arrived for dinner and to catch up. The three boys (Aarahi, Chris and Ra) got down to business with the xbox while us girls did the usual girl stuff. By 930pm that night everyone had gone and it was definitely time for BED! Auron was so well behaved and LOVED the attention he was getting.
In other news, earlier this week Auron went to have his immunisations and he didn't even cry!!!!!! Such a brave boy he was. Daddy even said he was braver than him. Following that we went to KFC for dinner. It was good. I only like the burgers though.

KFC after my injections. I just liked to play with the box though

I climbed up on to the table to get the rest of my banana

Mama caught me behind the TV again! 

He also loves his Elephant bag, Its the perfect size for him to be able to carry all his little goodies. 

Hehe look at those big lips!

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