Saturday 31 March 2012


On our last day in San Francisco we went and did a little shopping. It was a beautiful day...would've been perfect for sight seeing. Breakfast today was at a little place called Honey Honey. Tiny little place it was. Aarahi ordered for us today, on my instructions to buy the baby a fruit cup and yoghurt, he returrned with 2 MASSIVE pancakes with banana, cream and maple syrup. Auron was impressed and actually ate most of it.
We flew from San Francisco to Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. The view from the plane was incredible! We actually nearly missed our connecting flight in Las Vegas as we were an hour late.
In Salt lake we were met by Aarahi's cousins and Mum and Dad who arrived the day before us. For the past few days we have been staying with family and it has been GREAT! They are such amazing people and we have really enjoyed being there and getting to know them.  We had a little family reunion where Aarahi's dad taught some songs in Maori and taught the guys the haka. They did so well! and were all soooooo excited! One morning we went out to an all you can eat french toast and pancake restaurant for breakfast. The trick was on us though as we could barely get through one serve! not bad for $5 though.
We visited the Salt Lake temple and went to a session there which was an incredible experience it's such a beautiful place to be. We feel very privileged to have this opportunity, and especially to share it with family. I have always wanted to visit the Salt Lake Temple ever since i saw the movie Mountain of the Lord. I wondered to myself yesterday if this is what they imagined it would be like in the future?
After the temple we went to a Mexican restaurant called Red Iguana, all I can say is YUM!!!!!!!! The food was authentic, and the hosts lovely. From the outside it looks like a bit of a dump but it has a big reputation. We arrived at 430pm and only just got in (they dont take reservations) by the time we left the line outside was long and the wait appoximatly 2 hours! They made Auron a cake for his birthday too which was nice.
Today we had the opportunity to go to General Conference. It was so special to be able to see it live instead of on a wall in the chapel. The music sounded beautiful and the spirit was so strong. The others missed the afternoon session and said they would look after Auron so Aarahi and I were able to go together. That was probably the best part of our whole trip I think.
Auron with the monkeys 

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

The LOVELY Hall family that we stayed with

Outside the conference centre

Inside the conference centre

Aarahi's oldest brother Wiremu and his wife Kristen at the Salt Lake temple door

The gang at the Red Iguana

Just SOME of our food

Auron and Story (he followed her around all night)

The guys learning the Haka

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