Monday 19 March 2012

Only a week to go!

That's right this time next week we will be starting out on our big adventure overseas! It actually come up really fast! We are getting very excited, Aarahi's extra excited that he wont have 2.30am Monday starts for 3 whole weeks. Not to mention the fact that he starts at 4am every other day. I think we are almost all sorted with everything we need. I picked up some good 'plane toys' for Auron and will stock up on snacks and drinks for him too.
On Friday night Aarahi went to do Temple Baptisms with the youth from church, Auron and I just hung out at the shopping centre near the Temple. We left home at 2pm that day and didn't get home until about 10pm. We were so tired especially my poor husband who didn't get enough time to have a nap. Auron had a melt down in the car and in my attempt to calm him down he threw his yoghurt at me and poured the rest all over himself....oh so nice this was at the start of the trip too! He soon fell asleep and all was good again.
On Saturday Aarahi went and sat his forklift license. This is good as it will help him with the work he is doing now aswell as give him more opportunities in the future as he heads toward his 5 year plan and beyond.
Auron has recently discovered drawing! oh how wonderful he thinks it is! He holds his pen near perfect too, maybe he will follow in his uncle Tuk's footsteps! But for now we have drawings all over the house and on Daddy's important church papers. Hopefully he doesn't find the walls! Auron also managed to get the USB into the lap top the other day...after hours of practice. The satisfaction on his face was priceless!

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