Tuesday 27 March 2012

San Francisco

Well here starts our holiday! I hope you enjoy reading of our adventures!

Day One

Left home at 9am for our flight which left at midday for Sydney. Had awesome seats for that flight but changed planes in Sydney and our seats from there to San Francisco were CRAP there had been a mix up with the online seat allocation.
The flight was uneventful. Auron was fantastic didn't cry once, barely even heard a grumble out of him. The best part of the flight was these little bread rolls with luncheon sausage in them, reminded me of my mum. So yum!
Once we got to San francisco and collected our luggage, I realised they had broken our pram, still works but the one side of the shade cover has been broken off. Its a flipping expensive pram and only a few months old. The airline said its not their fault as it was a "moving part". I was tired and in no mood to argue. Insurance can deal with it later, for now it's held together with a hairtie.
Had a few issues finding our shuttle but FINALLY made it to our hotel. A quaint little thing right in the centre of the city. It's sort of an old European style hotel. So nice and cosy! We all needed a sleep! Aarahi woke up unwell, a bit of jet lag I suspect. He's come right now.
We just got back from eating at the cheesecake factory. We went a little overboard with ordering appetizers, mains and dessert. Now I realise why we just stick to mains and share a dessert if were lucky. One thing we did notice that was remarkably different to Australia and NZ was the service from the wait staff. They went totally out of their way to make sure you were taken care of, constantly filling up our drinks, checking that we were ok, getting Auron something special to eat for FREE! Maybe its just the norm here or maybe just our particular waiter but needless to say he received a nice tip.
On our walk home we could here some BEAUTIFUL music playing in the street at 9pm on a Monday night. This old guy was playing a clarinet sounded amazing. We chucked him some money a listened for a bit.
Now the night is drawing to an end and my Darling and I are going to sit in bed watch TV and eat our cheesecake!

Racing games at the airport before boarding

I loved to listen to Daddy's classical music and bounce up and down

Our nacho appetizer

Cheap entertainment

Aarahis pork chop dinner...it was YUM

My burger was yum, nothing to fantastic but just what I wanted

Mmmm Hersheys cheesecake

Day Two

Today we headed down to Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39. Before we got there we stopped at this little cafe for breakfast. I had read that it had really good reviews. Once we got there for at 1130...for breakfast it was completly full and we had to put our name on a waiting list. We waited about 20mins beofore we were seated. The food was reasonably priced and HUGE portions for what you paid. Everything was homemade even down to the hashbrowns.
At Fishermans' wharf we visited the Ripley's believe It or Not Museum and the Mirror Maze. Both were fun, and worth the money. A lot of the museum was interactive too which was fun, those museums where you just look and admire can get boring. The mirror maze was just plain confusing. I scared myself a few times, and quite frequently I went to walk to Aarahi and ended up walking into the wall.
We went for a stroll around Pier 39 which has some pretty cool shops, all aimed at tourists.We weren't  planning on buying anything, but it soon became necessary as the rain started to pour and the temperature plumeted. We purchased an unbrella and a warmer jersey for Auron.
Despite the pathetic weather we went on a boat cruise around the San Francisco Bay. As it was pouring with rain and so cold Aarahi was delegated to take the photos out on the deck. Auron and I watched the action from the warmth of inside, next to the heater!. It was a pretty cool tour. We saw the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz and lots of sea lion, some were swimming in the water but most were relaxing on barges near the shore.
So with staurated feet...literally sloshing around in water by this time we decided it was about time we both got some new shoes. Back in the city we went on the hunt. 90mins of shopping later we were no longer leaving puddles of water behind us as we walked.
Dinner tonight was pretty lame not worth much of a mention. we ate at the food court, I decided I really just wanted some vege's but not much luck there.

French Toast and fruit

Bacon eggs and hashbrown

What is this you may ask? A COFFIN...believe it or not!

Wedding Dress made of toilet paper.

In the mirror maze, it was actually really dark with just lights on the ground

For you Mum

With Daddy on the boat ride

Alcatraz, its an island in the middle of the bay where they sent  all the criminals.

We get cute animal origami on our bed, made out of towels. 

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