Monday 15 August 2016

Abstract Art Class

It was another stunner of a day here! I am loving all this warm spring weather, unfortunately it is probably not going to hang around long. This morning we went to an Art Gallery with some friends who also home school. "Art" is soooooo not my thing. I don't get it, I don't really care too much about it but a well rounded education needs a bit of art appreciation. The lady taking the kids on the little tour was wonderful. She had them sit down in front of each art work and explained it and asked them questions about how it made them feel and what they thought about it etc. After the tour she took us back into another room for a hand on abstract art class.

The art they did was inspired by some of the techniques the artists of the works they saw used. So they did a bit of drawing to music and painting and cutting and gluing. All the kids loved it. Personally I thought Ammon's picture belonged in a gallery it was that abstractly fantastic. Maybe he will make us millions one day. I am not sure almost 2 year old's could make anything that wasn't abstract, that's kind of their thing.

We headed over to the park to play afterwards. I hadn't planned on staying but it was such a beautiful day it seems a shame to waste it, and the kids wanted to play with their friends. The was one little girl chasing Lili around trying to play with her but it was more like a game of torture for Lili, she does not like new people in her space at all! We left a bit later so grabbed some burgers and shakes for lunch on the way home. I let Ammon "share" my much anticipated banana milk shake. When I took it off him 2 mins later all I got back was frothy dribble at the bottom. I felt so ripped off. I remember the days when I used to drink a whole milkshake by myself....those are distant memories nowadays.

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