Tuesday 16 August 2016

The Child Whisperer Review

The past couple of months our little Lili has been struggling quite a lot with anxiety. It seemed that no matter what we did or how hard we tried nothing was helping her and it was just becoming worse and starting to take a significant impact on our day to day life as a family. If you know me well enough you will know I am not quick to jump on the anxiety/sensory/adhd band wagon. Not that those things don't exist because they do, just that it seems these days everyone is quick to diagnose normal childhood development with some kind of disorder. However the more and more this went on the more I realised it wasn't just a short lived phase..it was going on and on and on and increasing in intensity.

I asked around on a few groups I am a part of for some ideas and put out a plea for help. One of the book suggestions was to read "The Child Whisperer" written by Carol Tuttle. I had heard of the book before but never paid it much attention. So I purchased the ebook and read the whole thing in one night (you know desperate for some magic cure). The main idea behind the book is that each child has a different energy that can be divided into one 4 types. The book then dives into each type, identifying certain factors which you would notice in a child of that type. For example Lili is a Type 2 child, a sensitive child. Almost everything the book said a type 2 child was, perfectly summed up my Lili. The author then gives you the best ways to parent that child. What will work for a type 2 child may not have the same result for a type one child for example.

The book teaches you how to parent in a gentle and calm manner resulting in less contention and a more peaceful home...because let's be honest peaceful is what we all aim for. This book is honestly like the handbook to kids. By learning and applying the techniques you learn in the book you can become more in tune with your child and their needs instead of just taking a stab in the dark.

We have been putting the lesson we have learnt into practice for the past 2 1/2 weeks. So while it is early days the change has been remarkable, REMARKABLE. So while Lili is still quite anxious and we have a long way to go...I can now go to the bathroom without my little friend waiting outside the door or drive the car in peace as opposed to having Lili meltdown because I wont pull the car over on the freeway to give her a cuddle right then and there. Oh and we managed to STOP the whining, Lili was an expert whiner. I know this is just the start of great things for our family.

If you want to read a bit more you can visit this website Live Your Truth

 The Child Whisperer

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