Tuesday 30 August 2016

The Tooth Paste Hoarder

The kids are in bed and I thought I would sit down to write something at the computer. It smelt kind of nice around the desk, a little suspicious as usually the interesting smells are forgotten nappies. However I just enjoy it until I pick up the mouse. Everything is covered in strawberry toothpaste. The mouse, keyboard, the big black box thingi, the screen, and the speakers. ughhh. Ammon has had a thing with toothpaste the past week. He has a stash of tubes somewhere that I can't find. We had a friend give us about 20 tubes (yes we have cool friends like that) and I have no idea where they are but it seems Ammon does. He took one to the car, unknown to me and spread it all over Lili's car seat. That went down really well with Lili, until I told her it just mean her seat wont get cavities or holes. Gullible kid. I really wish I knew where he was stashing them all. Probably in the same place as his shoes.

We got together with some of our homeschool friends today to celebrate book week. Everyone dressed up and each family organised an activity table for the kids to go around to. Everyone had such an awesome time. Auron and Lili went as Harry Potter and Hermione. The both looked the part. Lili's hair was pretty much the highlight of the costume for me. I haven't brushed it out dry in forever but it was like a lion's mane. She kept asking why her hair was so fluffy today...like a cloud. 

For dinner tonight we had meatballs and mash and veges. We had the same thing last week sometime and you would have thought I was trying to poison them the way they were carrying on. We had gagging and every excuse in the book why they couldn't possibly eat it. By the time they did get around to eating it, it was cold and probably did taste kind of gross at that point. They only ate it once I told them the meat was chicken. We have a lot of brown chicken in this house. Tonight, same meal, exactly the same, not even a slight variation and Auron proclaims it as his 2nd favourite meal ever and can we have it tomorrow, and Lili eats three helpings. (Ammon is just a garbage disposal and will eat anything). Sometimes I really just want to bang my head into the wall. 

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